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Performances and Installations

“Why Do We Enter Rooms”, performance for an art installation by Esther Stocker, OK Centre for Contemporary Art Linz
“Territorial Appropriations”, experimental workshop with Synne Genzmer, Tanzquartier Wien

“the in/visible club culture project”, performance, “Unconscious Archives Festival”, curator: Sally Golding, cooperation partners: Austrian Cultural Forum, BKA Federal Chancellery, London (Great Britain)
“the in/visible club culture project”, performance in context of High Bow, curated by “Figs in Wigs”, London (Great Britain)
“the in/visible club culture project“, performance in context of Philosophy Unbound, Vienna

“the in/visible club culture project”, performance in context of “Soul Train”, cooperation: Austrian Cultural Forum London, London (Great Britain)
“Modes of Cooperation” open lab: results of the PhD + practice with colleagues, artist in residence,
ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, Vienna
“the in/visible performance” performative intervention in context of the exhibition opening “Mass Extinction” by Kamil Kukla, Gallery Knoll, Vienna
“the in/visible performance #03 audience” performance, PAF Performance Art Forum, (France)

“Black Square On White Ground” Performance, Unlike Very Performing Conditions Festival, Brussels (Belgium)

“NO MAN: 500 Years Of Sexual Acts” Performance, Volksroom Brussels, Brussels (Belgium)
“Rehearsal As Mode Of Production” Performance, Raw Matters, Schikaneder Cinema, Vienna
“Rehearsal As Mode Of Production” Performance, PAF Performance Art Forum, Cooperation: Austrian Cultural Forum Paris (France)
“Black Dancefloor on White Ground” exhibition participation "KO_OP. Salon 69", Basement, Vienna
“the in/visible performance #02 solo” Performance, Im_Flieger, Vienna

“the in/visible performance #02 solo for two” performance, Kubus Valie Export, Vienna
“the in/visible performance #01 duo” performance, Volksroom Brussels, Brussels (Belgium)
“no-man: 500 years of sexual acts in 15 minutes” performance Raw Matters, Schikaneder Cinema, Vienna
“sol invictus” performance with Hans Kitzbichler (composition) and students of Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule Wien, curated by Vitus H. Weh, Museumsquartier, Vienna

“re-play: the in/visibpe perfomance” + “no-man” 2 performances, coaches: Philipp Gehmacher and Janez Jansa, Impulstanz, Vienna
“de/valutationsmaschinerie / variaton 3” choreographed lecture in context of “Unter Gang Art”, Halle G, Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna
“de/valutationsmaschinerie / variaton 2” choreographed lecture in context of “Staying Alive” Gallery Periscope, Salzburg (Austria)

“de/valutationsmaschinerie” combining installation and performance in context of “Stückwerk”, coach: Philippe Riéra (Superamas), Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna
“De Passagem / Pass By” performance and installation, production: Mezzanine, Festival Manobrasnoporto, Porto (Portugal)

“discharged” discusssion performance in BarRectum of Atelier Van Lieshout, MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art), Vienna
“Display” curated by Agnes Hannes: Gallery IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna
“Display” curated by Agnes Hannes: Kunstraum Oberösterreich, Linz (Austria)

“Transit_360 (Part IIII Seaside)” artist in residence and performance in public space: DeVIR/CAPa, center for contemporary dance, Faro (Portugal)
“lives in ... works ...? ” exhibition and intervention in trains, Soho in Ottakring, Vienna
“Objekt_Raum_Betrachter_In” performative intervention, Galerie IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna

“Diskonta_3” exhibition participation, Gallery IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna

“The Inner Us” exhibition participation, Basement, Vienna
“ARTmART” curated by Elisabeth Fritz: exhibition participation, Künstlerhaus, Vienna
“Preis des Landes” exhibition participation, Burgenländische Landesgalerie, Eisenstadt (Austria)

“Transit_360 (Part III Going North)” performance in cooperation with DNA Groove, Gothenborg (Sweden)
“Transit_360 (Part II Going East)” performance in cooperation with Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest (Hungary)

“Forms of Movement” single exhibition, Cselley Mühle, Oslip (Austria)
“Transit_360 (Part I Transatlantic)” performance, New York (USA)

“intercities” performance in trains linking Vienna and Bratislava, Zukunfts- und Kulturwerkstätte, Vienna, single exhibition, in context of Month of Photography, Vienna
“intercities” photo installation at Wiener Südbahnhof, Vienna

“Moved Pictures: One-Minute-Exhibitions” with Maria Männig in galleries of Vienna (Gallery Meyer Krainer, Gallery Winter, Gallery Christine König, Gallery Gabriele Senn, Gallery Kerstin Engholm, Gallery Kargl), Vienna

“Kulturwoche Burgstädt” single exhibition, Gallery Art Forum, Burgstädt (Germany)

“Die Blende” exhibition participation, WUK, Vienna


2016 (in preparation):
“die un/sichtbare performance” publication: Krasny, Elke/Unger, Petra (Eds.) in context of KUBUS VALIE EXPORT

“die un/sichtbare performance” in: KÖR: Art in Public Space, Vienna (Eds.) “kunst im öffentlichen raum 2010 – 2013”, S. 209

“the in/visible performance” in: “Innovationspreis der Stadt Wien”: catalogue contribution, Eds: IG Kultur, Wien, link: http://www.igkulturwien.net/index.php?id=343

“series of ... ” catalogue published by Iris Julian, Vienna
“Im Wintersternbild der Zwillinge” review of a performance by François Chaignaud, Cecilia Bengolea, Corpus (Vienna), link: http://www.corpusweb.net/im-wintersternbild-der-zwillinge-6.html

“Strategien der Identitätssuche in den Performances von Ulrike Rosenbach” diploma in art history, published by: Verlag Dr Müller, Saarbrücken (Germany)

“split identities / bodies / choreographies” published by Iris Julian, Vienna

“intercities: a crossborder action” in Month of Photography, eds.: Eikon - Internationale Zeitschrift für Photographie und Medienkunst, Vienna (Austria), pp. 76-77

Classes and Lectures

“Modes of Collaboration and Being-With”, lecture at graduate conference, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, moderation: Prof. Diedrich Diederichsen

Artist talk, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck
Guest lecturer at Institute Transmedia Art, class: Prof. Brigitte Kowanz, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Since 2015:
Techniques of Contemporary Dance With Reference to History Of Dance:
Series of workshops at University Sports Institute (USI), guest lectures e.g.: University of Applied Arts, Vienna


since 2010:
participant in coaching projects for choreographers: Philippe Rièra, Xavier Le Roy, Christine Standfest, Tanzquartier Wien and Impulstanz (Austria)

2009 - 2012:
PhD study, professors: Sabeth Buchmann, Tom Holert, Christian Kravagna: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, (Austria)

Diploma in art history, University of Vienna (Austria)

High School for graphic arts and technology, specialisation in printing techniques, Vienna