the in/visible club culture project

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Performance „Soul Train“ + „Love Club“: High Definition Video (1920 x 1080), edit: Iris Julian, camera: Iris Julian + Lewis Hayes, 2017

As a continuation of “the in/visible performance”, a series of performative interventions in public spaces that scrutinized the borderline separating everyday movements from choreography, this project focuses on the “habitus” of various clubcultures.

Support: Austrian Cultural Forum (London)
Theoretical reference: Chris Standfest: "Clubbing" Impulstanz Research 2010
House // Majory Smarth: Impulstanz "TURBO" Residency 2012
House // Stephane Moun: Impulstanz 2017, with kind support: WU Wien (University of Economics and Business)

Video links:
London, December 2016:
Vienna, Philosophy Unbound, January 2017: