Modes of Collaboration and “Being-With”

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artistic research-lab with Julia Danzinger: laban movement analysis (Julia Danzinger) + image based choreography (Iris Julian) // 24 February 2015

Using examples of stagings in the field of theatre, this project – a combination of a theoretical PhD and artistic research – poses the question of how non-hierarchical forms of artistic collaboration can be realised. The project’s timeframe covers the last 20 years – a period which has been characterized by neoliberal tendencies. In the dance field this was noticeable among other things through the increased foundation of one-person companies (“Me-Incorporated”)1.

documentation (pdf)

Modes of Collaboration and “Being-With”
PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna)
+ choreographic research with colleagues (artistic research lab)
Theory + choreographic practice: Iris Julian
Theory adviser: Prof. Dr. Sabeth Buchmann
Contributing research labs: Gina Battistich, Julia Danzinzer, Kerstin Kussmaul, Rotraud Kern
Project partner: ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival
Support infrastructure: TTP WUK Theater Tanz Performance
Editor: David Westacott

1 Buchmann, Sabeth/van Eikels, Kai, “Im Körper von Kuratierten: ‘You should always have a product that’s not you’”, in Netzwerk Kunst & Arbeit (ed.): art works. Ästhetik des Postfordismus, Berlin: 2015, p. 165-203.